The Profanity Embroidery Group PEG-Whitstable and POW Thanet 2024

Going against the grain of constant shitty slog, POW is offering its audience playful permission to rest; and we are inviting you, dear PEG followers, to embrace your lazy slutness. 

Grab a pillow case or cushion cover and stitch your thoughts on REST…..Nap, doze, siesta, catnap, snooze, kip, slumber, forty winks, shut eye. Are you getting enough? If you are menopause, of course you bloody aren’t… 

The deadline is 31st January 2024 – we’ll exhibit the pillows around Whitstable as part of our annual exhibition in February, and the whole will be displayed for POW in March in Margate.

When you have stitched your wanky pillowcase or cushion cover, send us a photo and we’ll tell you where to send it – message us either through facebook or instagram or twitter or if you must, email us.  We are crap at checking the emails, so don’t expect an instant bloody response. We’ll be sharing your photos as you send them, so try and get them in focus for fucks sake. 

instapants: https://www.instagram.com/pegwhitstable/
fartbook: https://www.facebook.com/profanityembroiderygroup/
twatface now know as X : https://twitter.com/broideryprofane

email: profanityembroiderygroup@gmail.com

First Pic: The gorgeously glamorous Aweng Chuol was was papped by PEG whilst posing for L’Officiel at our Private Lives of Mrs Winchester exhibition at the Walpole Bay Hotel for POW 2019. The pillow covers were created by PEGger Emily Turner. Mrs Winchester was singing along with Victoria Wood, bored and wanting to be beaten on the bottom with her Women’s Weekly and sod the forty winks. Mr Winchester was dozing blissfully and hoping it was chips for tea.

Domestic Dusters at The Twelve Taps, Whitstable

Domestic Dusters at The Twelve Taps 15th to 28th February check website for opening times. Its a gin bar, so don’t expect early fucking doors. https://thetwelvetaps.co.uk

The Open Call collaboration with Vanessa Marr’s Domestic Dusters has bought fucking joy to the dismal part of the year, the bright yellow (ish, very ish in some cases) dusters arriving like little rays of fucking sunshine. 


Domesticity & Domestic Dusters, 2 exhibitions in one fucking town.

Domesticity at the Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable

15th to 20th February 2023, open daily 10am to 5pm. 11 Oxford St, Whitstable CT5 1DB

Our filthy yearly show – hidden behind a modesty muff curtain as requested by sensitive types not appreciative of our soiled and sordid swamp-like fucking minds. Come on down a treat your eyes to a feast of filth.

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