Peggers potted pronouncements of pish

We are a group of 30 fucking nutjobs who should not be allowed out let alone near booze or people. Shameful really, but there you go, and why not go fuck yourself while you’re at it?

Alison Fitzgerald

Bollocks & twats, tossers & wankspangles. All a joy to stitch (am still waiting to do an arsewipe, a firm family favourite).

Instagram | @ricracbee

Allie Lee

Pissingly, proud Peg member with an unerring proclivity for stichin’ ‘n’ shit ! Fuck, Bollocks and Shite to all.

Instagram | @ajlcreate

Amanda Tennant

Being in PEG never fails to makes me smile, has taught me how to embroider and lets me say cunt a lot for legitimate reasons – win win! Here is my instagram account, good luck finding any fucking embroidery in amongst the photos of senior Staffordshire bull terriers and me swimming in the murky Kent seas.

Instagram | @misskittywoo

Annie Taylor

It seemed like a good idea at the time is all I can say. Prone to stitching Cunt instead of Can’t and still finding it funny after all these years.

Instagram | @whitstabletail

Berni Mallinson

Constantly grumpy spreadsheet wanker finds fucktonnes of joy in PEG.

Bridget Carpenter

After years of feeling like a round peg in a square hole I jacked in my job. Now I am much happier stitching fuck on things.

Instagram | @bridgetmcarpenter

Clare Jackson

I am an artist, designer and writer who is mainly inspired by nature and place, but I bloody love fucking swearing so I joined PEG to do this with wild accepted abandon and learn a few new stitches. I love creating sweary artwork which celebrates a spirit of naughtiness but without too much hard work involved! My favourite insults are compound swear words such as cock-womble, shit-gibbon and wank-spangle.

@instagram | RoseClarity

Deborah Chesworth

‘Happy fucker’ pretty much says it all really. I joined PEG when I moved to the seaside and haven’t looked back: I packed in the job, so no more commuter trains to London, and now happily fill my days with textiles and music – of many different sorts in both cases. Oh, and fucking swearing, in case any of you lovely cunts were wondering…

Deb Jackson

Cant write, shit stitcher, but bloody brilliant at profanity, so what the fuck!

Emily Turner

I joined PEG so I could stab something a thousand times while swearing without getting arrested. It’s the perfect antidote for perimenopausal rage.

Instagram | @thatwayandthisway

Gordon Livesley

Peg brings to me a sense of belonging to a group of like minded individuals, who like me are not afraid to speak their mind.

Jacqueline Hall

Peculiar woman with no particular talent.

Jan Lewis

I’ve been a hugely proud PEG member since the early days, using my love of textiles in a fun and often cathartic way. If you would like to see more of my work you can find me on instagram janraspberrystudiodesigns and facebook janraspberrystudio designs.  But there won’t be a fucking swear word in sight.

@instagram | @janraspberrystudiodesigns

Janet Dance

Since joining PEG, more or less at the start, I have been on a journey of enlightenment into a world of pure sweary delight!  I’ve learned to embroider (still room for improvement there !) but improved in, fucking leaps and bounds on the art of the profane! 

@instagram | janet.dance58

Janis White

Like Mrs Winchester, Janis realised that her meaningful glances were not getting her message across. So, she decided to express herself a little more visibly…

Jo Bingham

I have a lot of ideas that go nowhere, I leave things to the last second and I like to talk a lot. Which means I fit right in.  I am the InstaBitch.  Swearing is fucking big and fucking clever.

Jo Tonkin

I always try and get a public health message into my pieces because that’s my thing – wear a condom when you fuck, clean your arsehole, breast is best (with gin)…  but the real message is that belonging to a group of potty mouthed peeps, taking time out to attach thread to material, and creating obscene art which sometimes also vents collective outrage at misogyny, injustice and the tossers in charge, is the most potent of elixirs.  Everyone needs a fucking PEG.

Kate Roberts

Fuckity fuck fuck

Lucy Stockton-Smith

PEG perfects the fine art of giving fewer fucks. My friends don’t believe me when I say I’m barely fucking rude enough to join in with this group of splendid stitchery sphincters. 

@instagram | @lucyessess

Mary Stockton-Smith

I am an aging artist who should know better enjoying the stimulating company of a group of stitching, sweary fabulous fuckers.

Mike Adams

Embroidery is a very new media for me. I do find it relaxing as long as I don’t stab my fingers too fucking much.

Email |

Nicole Bates

I like worms, bricks and string. So fuck off.

Instagram | @dollynb

Rupi Pannu

So why did I join PEG? Mainly to meet like-minded people, in a new town I’d moved to for work. What I got has been so much more. I’ve made friends, learnt how to embroider and allowed my untapped creativity to come to the surface. I’ve even managed to sell my “artwork”. PEG has been a fantastic outlet for all the fucking frustrations of the day job, a sensible scientist by day, but a sweary-stitch-bitch the rest of the time.

Sally Powell

I first met PEG en masse when I asked for help with a fundraising Full Monty event where I was getting my tits out for breast cancer awareness on Herne Bay Pier. As you do. In PEG I have found my people. Swearing is my thing and I find it so liberating and just so fucking useful.

Instagram | @thesalsteronsea

Sarah Jessett

Proud stitch bitch. Creative user of the profane and expert consumer of G&T. My embroidery and other creative shit is on my insta if you can be arsed/give a flying fuck.

Instagram | @sarahbythesea_

Sharon Cavalier

Any excuse for a party and rave up whilst talking absolute bollocks with fellow sweary stitchers : I’ve made new cuntacts and friendshites for life.

Instagram | @shazzershar

Sue Jessett

As a PEG member I don’t get to grow fucking old gracefully & thank fuck for that, nowt better for my soul than to stitch bitch & get pissed fortnightly, after all twin sets & pearls are overrated.

Instagram | @suejtextileartist

Sue Prevost

Tits and Bollocks. Cocks and Cunts. These are a few of my favourite things. Fuck raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.  I joined some years back and have enjoyed contributing to the shows, making friends and getting pissed, sometimes all on the same day.

Wendy Robinson

PEG was a good idea and an even better reality.  Swearing, stitching, showing off…. and not giving a fuck.

Zayna Omer

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